Friday, August 14, 2015

Stargazer Lilies

Wait, where are the marbles?

When I first heard the name of this technique ("Mantra Marbles"), I thought: cool, marbles! What are we going to do with them? I had visions of dropping them into the pot, or rolling them around in mica oils or something. It turns out this is a linear mantra swirl with a catchier name, and it is pretty cool!

Amy was very clear that we had to stick with her guidelines or I would have centered the swirl rather than having it on one side. Something about the lack of symmetry with this technique makes me itch to move the swirl to the middle. :)

Here was my inspiration, the incredible Stargazer Lily:

BTW, it took all my willpower not to make the speckles!

I created a palette somewhat similar to my Spring Wreath soap, as it's one of my favorite color combinations. The color sequence is: pale pink - dark green - light green - pale pink - dark pink - bright pink - dark pink - pale pink - light green - dark green + the plain side of pale pink.


I'm still liking Soybean oil, and am not sure why it's not more popular, as it's properties are excellent. Perhaps if we called it just "Soy", minus the "bean"? "Lard" is even worse, though! How about these names, for the sake of marketing:
  • 32% Coconut (minus the "Oil") - $20/gallon from Amazon (for popcorn, link)
  • 32% Soy (minus the "Bean Oil") - super cheap, from Smart & Final
  • 32% Tallow (aka lard) - also super cheap, from Walmart
  • 4% Ricinis (aka castor, minus the "Oil") - Wholesale Supplies (link)
So that makes it Coconut-Soy-Tallow-Ricinis soap. Sounds very "skin-loving" to me! :)

  • 1.5:1 water:lye - discounted to minimize rivers (link) - DIY pre-mixed
  • 1 oz/ppo fragrance oil - Black Raspberry & Vanilla - Nature's Garden (link) - love this one, as the fragrance is lovely, it doesn't accelerate trace, and it doesn't discolor (so it clearly doesn't actually have ANY vanilla in it!)
  • 0.5 oz/ppo 60% Sodium Lactate to harden bars - Wholesale Supplies (link) - BTW, working on some experiments with this for slowing trace; more later
  • 0.5 oz/ppo 1:1 Simple Syrup to increase bubbles - DIY (link) - going to try corn syrup in another experiment


I was very happy that this soap took third place, as I there were so many pretty soaps and I didn't expect it!


  1. Beautiful! I love the color combo!

  2. Beautiful soap, the colors match perfectly!

  3. So sorry to make you twitchy!! I really like the effect! Beautiful colors & swirls - definitely matches your theme!

  4. LOVED seeing your inspiration - what a great addition to your soap story! Lovely, lovely soap and the "soft" focus is fine!

  5. Kept coming back to this soap, clicking on your blog at least six times. Very beautiful!

  6. Love your soap. You nailed the colors of the lily. Thanks for sharing your recipe (we'll file it away!). Great job!

  7. This is so beautiful Claudia! The lily is so well represented in your beautiful swirls.

  8. Ahh, Claudia, these are stunning 😍

  9. Gorgeous, Claudia! I always love your soaps!!!

  10. Thanks, Janelle, but I was really rooting for yours to win!

  11. Thanks, Claudia! That really means a lot to me!! :)

  12. Thanks, everyone!

    BTW, it occurs to me I sounded like I was complaining about this technique, when actually I found it very innovative and really enjoyed the opportunity to explore it. I'm just a bit of a control freak is all. :)

  13. Gorgeous as always, Claudia, and congrats on another win!

  14. Claudia, this is annoter beautiful soap, and you well deserved the ranking! Well done!

  15. I really liked your soap, its super! But I had difficulty understanding, the technique of the colors, I mean how you poured them in the mold.Is there a turorial for this one?

  16. I love your soap! A beautiful swirl with wonderful colors! And I had to smile about your comments to the name of Oils :-) Yes, for me as well: Soyoil sounds more valuable than Soybean Oil and Castor in German is Rizinus anyway :-)
    Thanks for the entertaining post and sharing your beautiful soap!